Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank You

I put this card together this morning based on a sketch that I viewed on the Cokie Pop site. Dedicated as I am, I made a feeble attempt to make it to work this morning and got stuck at the end of my driveway. To add insult to injury, I also locked myself out of the house. I have to trudge to a friends house around the corner who pulled himself out of a nice warm bed with his wife and helped me resolve both issues.

sparkle -


  1. LOVE IT!!! Love your color choices!!


  2. Great card! I hope your day goies better tomorrow :)

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  4. Wow, u do such great work! Don't we all wish we had Martha's money:)

  5. Hi Ms. Black Martha! I love your cards and your spunk.
    Your stuff is really nice and it is great to be able to take a peak into your creative world.
    Thanks for sharing it with us all.
    I am sure I will be back to visit & see what you are up to.
    I am a new follower, hope you can follow my blog too.
    All the best,